Conor McGregor predicts first round knockout over Jose Aldo

By Russell Ess - November 16, 2015

Conor McGregor has had a history of predictions in his scheduled fights coming to fruition. From his claim to taking out Dustin Poirier in the first round in their bout, to Jose Aldo pulling out of the scheduled UFC 189 fight. McGregor seems to have a crystal ball that is working, and he is predicting a first round KO on the champion Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

interim featherweight champion

McGregor spoke with BT Sports’s Gareth A Davies on his scheduled UFC 194 bout with Aldo, and his prediction of the fight if the champion shows up.

“He wont be there, I just don’t think he will be there. He didn’t show up last time. We’ll see. History, eye contact, his gym, training approach, I just think with all those things combined he can’t make it to the contest. But, if he shows up, I feel I will KO him inside one. If he makes that walk, I feel every single movement I make will get an overreaction out of him because he is emotionally invested in it. There is too much in it for him. The whole country of Brazil. It’s all piling on him. I feel he will react a million times. That’s how I feel the fight playing out. I see him overreacting, overextending and then being knocked out unconscious.”

Do you think McGregor’s crystal ball is working for this fight? Let us know how you predict this match in the comment section below!

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