Dana White: If Miesha Tate is talking about retirement, ‘it’s probably a good idea’

By Russell Ess - November 16, 2015

It looks like Miesha Tate might have a harder time negotiating with the UFC than she initially thought.

Tate has gone on record and said she might retire if she continues to get the runaround on a title shot from the UFC. Tate was given the verbal commitment to fight for the women’s bantamweight title if she won against Jessica Eye, which she did back in July. However, she was overlooked when the UFC booked Rousey versus Holm, which led to her talks of being stuck as a gatekeeper and looking at the option of retiring.

UFC President Dana White is holding a stern poker face and spoke with Submission Radio Australia ahead of UFC 193, saying that Tate’s thoughts about retirement might be the best thing for her.

“Miesha Tate is talking about retiring right now,” White said. “In this sport, when you start thinking about retiring, you should retire. Miesha probably should retire if that’s what Miesha is thinking right now. It’s probably a good idea.”

White added that being a UFC champion isn’t easy. It is also something Ronda Rousey said Holly Holm would not enjoy, while Holm confirmed ahead of their fight that she was more than capable of it and will now have to act upon it after taking the title over the weekend.

“These women, they think they want that title,” White said. “But they have no idea what it takes to really have that title and what it means to be the champion and how hard it is to carry it.

“The obligations are hard and very few people could really do it.”

Do you think Dana White is playing hardball with Miesha Tate and is simply letting her who runs the show? Or do you think White truly feels Tate will be better off retiring than in his roster of fighters?

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