Chris Weidman: Belfort could take whatever he wants and just cycle off without a TUE

Chris Weidman is set to defend his UFC Middleweight Championship against Vitor Belfort. Dana White recently announced that the match will take place on either the Memorial Day weekend card or the July 4th weekend card.

There is no doubt that Vitor Belfort has evolved immensely since his younger days. As a competitor who has fought in three different weight classes, the fluctuations in body-weight could do some serious damage to your health. Now, Belfort relies on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to even out the playing field against his opponents inside the octagon.

Some think TRT is good for the sport and some think it negatively effects it. Dana White has gone on record stating he thinks TRT should be banned from the sport altogether. Weidman recently called Belfort a ‘juice head’, and said it would be a privilege to beat him up.

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Still, despite all the criticism, Vitor Belfort will apply a TRT use-exemption in his upcoming fight against Weidman in Nevada, a state that is notorious for being tough on performance enhancing drug users.

Amongst all this excitement, Chris Weidman was a recent guest on Sirius XM’s ‘Fight Club’ radio show and shared his thoughts on several topics, including the Belfort/TRT drama.

Weidman actually said that he would be fine with Belfort getting a TRT use-exemption. MMAMania’s Michael Stets transcribed the following:

“I don’t know how it works,” Weidman said. “I just asked Lorenzo (Fertitta) … and he said that [Belfort] is going to try to get the TRT. But whether he gets it or not, I was happy to hear that we will be tested and stuff like that. He (Fertitta) would be surprised if we didn’t get tested throughout the camp…”

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“Because what I heard is… Someone else told me that if he doesn’t apply for the TRT — because I heard that he wasn’t going to apply at first — if he doesn’t apply, then he doesn’t get tested during the camp and stuff like that, so then he would be able to take whatever he wants and cycle off like these other guys do. If he gets the TRT then he has to get tested all the time. So, I was like ‘I wonder where he is going with this.’ So I don’t know… I’m just happy to hear that because he failed a drug test before, that he will get tested.”

Do you think Belfort should be approved for TRT usage by the NSAC? Share your thoughts below!

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