Dennis Siver Emerges Victorious In Featherweight Debut Over Diego Nunes

By Evan Stoumbelis:
Cutting 10 pounds, missing weight, and #9 ranked featherweight Diego Nunes couldn’t hinder Dennis Siver in his debut bout at the 145 pound division.

In round 1 Siver comes out and establishes octagon control, as Nunes circles around the outside, they get within striking range as both men throw head kicks that miss. Siver connects with a punch and follows with a failed takedown attempt. Nunes goes on the offense now, throwing a kick, followed by a punch, both shots land. Nunes throws a hook which connects at the same time as Siver’s body kick. Nunes attempts a spinning back kick, but is caught with a heavy kick to the chest. Nunes recovers and the two men exchange punches and kicks with Siver connecting with the majority of his strikes. Nunes attempts his second spinning hook kick but misses, giving Siver an opening at a solid leg kick which connects. They clinch up, Nunes lands a few knees and Siver lands a few body shots.

Round 2 started off similar to round 1, with both fighters striking. Siver misses on a few punch attempts. Nunes throws a spinning back kick, but comes up short once again, only to get clipped by Siver. Nunes presses forward throwing several kicks to keep Siver from closing the gap. Siver makes a 30 second push and throws a leg kick followed by a hook which connects.

Round 3, Nunes comes out with a failed head kick followed by a knee which connects. Nunes finally connects with a spinning head kick, but barely. Nunes again goes on the offense and lands a hook that drops Siver. Siver gets up, determined to press on, he lands a combination of strikes, but finds himself stuck in the clinch of Nunes for the second time. Nunes successfully utilizes the clinch to land several knees to the head of Siver, who gets caught by a punch. Siver is now bleeding, and again finds himself in the clinch of Diego Nunes, and again is caught by a knee. They break and Siver catches Nunes with a strong right, Nunes goes down but is back on his feet quickly, throwing a spinning back kick that misses. The bell rings and ends a tough fight.

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The scores are 29-28, 29-28, and 29-28, declaring the winner by unanimous decision, Dennis Siver.

Well there you have it Penn Nation, Dennis Siver prevails to wins his featherweight debut.

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