The Right Time | Tomorrow's UFC on FUEL TV 2 Ends Long UFC Dryspell

By Adam Conklin:
Tomorrow Night, UFC fans will finally get their live fix as Fuel TV puts on a stacked card headlined by Alexander Gustafsson and Thiago Silva in what will surely be a fantastic fight.

But with such a packed schedule to start the year leading into this month long break, what is the best amount of time between cards?

Sure, if there was an event each weekend we would all cancel our plans and huddle around the TV. This would just produce spoiled UFC fans, (myself included), who take these events for granted. We want cards with hype and build up. We want long simmering rivalries that are getting worse during the break period before the fight.

However, we don’t want to wait that long. Its a proverbial Goldilocks tale where we must find the perfect balance between too much or too little. Too much and the spoiled fans that we would become would find nothing special in one fight as opposed to another. Too little and the anticipation for a fight loses steam as its arrival seems to never show.

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Luckily for us, if the UFC puts on two, or even three, shows a month, there is usually only one PPV. This is what the UFC does so well. Even though they switch between several cards grouped close together to cards that are up to a month apart, they separate the PPV from the free TV cards so everyone can justify sitting at home to watch some quality UFC action.

The partnership with FOX has done a tremendous job at adding new opportunities to the UFC broadcast arsenal. They can put huge fights on network television without batting an eye. Fans now have even less of an excuse to skip an event as you don’t even need cable to watch the fights let alone $45 dollars for a PPV.

This is just food for thought however. I’ve been guilty of complaining both for too many cards in a month, as they can make scheduling my life around the event difficult, and complaining about cards that are placed too far apart as I get separation anxiety from live events.
Either way, fans need to just take them as they come and perhaps invest in event DVD’s of their favorite event to hold them over until the next live event.

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