New UFC Complex: Chuck Liddell Lounge, Rousey Restaurant


When the UFC completes the 180,000 square foot complex, you might be familiar with the fighters who’s names will grace its halls.  If you have an appointment with Joe Silva, you might be escorted to the Anderson Silva conference room. Hungry?  May I interest you in today’s special from the Ronda Rousey Restaurant.

“Office space was limited with almost 400 employees on Las Vegas’ Sahara Blvd that it was so packed that employees were “sitting on top of each other,” White said.

“There will be more space for a better working environment”, which White hopes will lead to more creativity when it comes to selling fights. And, with 40,000 square feet – about 20 percent of the complex will be dedicated to workout and rehabilitation facilities. The UFC is taking a stand with combating injuries with the new facility.

“We lease most of the space down there,” he said. “Plus, our warehouses are down there, I have a warehouse down there, so it would be weird to leave. But it’s probably going to happen. Progress…what are you going to do?” White said.

One point that White made was how the UFC evolved into a media company. Having the remaining 140,000 square feet will provide the UFC employees with group workspace for creative solutions, helping the UFC to continue to thrive in the future.


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