GSP on Dana White: “I would have come back sooner!”

UFC welterweight champion

UFC 167 was supposed to be the former welterweight champ George Saint Pierre’s “swan song”. GSP defended the welterweight title 9 times before calling it quits. Now, GSP is letting everyone know that he would be back sooner if Dana would have handled certain situations differently.

A lot of speculation as to why Pierre retired from the sport of MMA is still up for grabs, but former champ GSP has opened up and discussed on Chael Sonnen’s “Your welcome” Podcast on the events following his fight with Johny “Big Rig” Hendricks.

“I’m going to tell you the truth. If this whole thing had not happened after the fight… maybe I would have already been back and maybe I would have given the rematch to Johny Hendricks,” St-Pierre said.

According to “Rush” he had just finished receiving stitches from his five round war with Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 and was about to walk to the press conference when an employee stopped him and toldĀ he didn’t have to attend.

“I say why? ‘You know, you’re not allowed to go, it’s OK.’ Then I understood him, something weird is going on,” recalls St-Pierre of the Nov. 16, 2013 evening.

GSP or White may not have known then, but those chain of events set the tone to Pierre’s potential comeback. What we sometimes forget is that the UFC is just like any other company capitalizing and profiting from a solid product. What we don’t see is the fiasco and chaos that took place right after the fight and what decisions went on in White’s head. Only White knows why he didn’t want GSP at the post-conference. What are your thoughts on a GSP return?


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