Tito Ortiz “wants to work things out” with the UFC

Tito Ortiz

“Yes, (Tito was approached to be included in the lawsuit). He felt that it was just best to not be a part of that suit. Obviously, everybody wants a better situation for the fighters, as far as pay and benefits. But Tito just felt that at that particular time, he wanted to opt out. Because mainly, they were using him for the publicity aspect, and he didn’t want to lend his name to it.”

“He feels that he’s building bridges with Zuffa, and he didn’t want to be the face of a lawsuit against them, because he’d like to work things out and have a professional relationship with that organization in the future.”

In an interesting statement to MMAJunkie.com‘s Steven Morrocco, Tito’s longtime attorney George Prajin discussed the recent class-action lawsuit against the UFC and why Ortiz won’t be partaking.


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