Melvin Guillard Wants To Be Champ, But Refuses To Fight The Man With The Belt

Melvin Guillard

Former UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard is now in Bellator MMA and looking to eventually grab that title.

Only, there’s a problem. He doesn’t want to fight the current champion. Bellator lightweight champion Will Brooks is a friend and training partner of Guillard’s and the two are not likely to face off in the Bellator cage.

Guillard told MMAMania:

“Me and Will are teammates. We are training partners and we are friends. I’m not looking forward to fighting Will because I don’t want to have that kind of vibe in the gym, you know? We have a family type of vibe, everybody is cool. Everybody gets along for the most part . We all train together. So, for me, I can be No. 2 until Will either retires or something goes wrong. I’m okay with that. Right now I want to be in Bellator and make as much money as I can.

“I want to fight a lot and there are a lot of other guys I can fight until something spectacular or crazy or some kind weird event happens and somebody else ends up with the belt. I’m not trying to wish any bad luck on Will. I want him to be a champ for a long time. I’m going to sit it out. In the past I used to always be like ‘I’ll fight anybody. I’ll fight my teammates.’ When I fought Cowboy, me and him were good friends and it just didn’t sit right with me after the fight. You know what I’m saying? I was like ‘damn, we really ended up having to do this.’ I don’t want to fight any of my friends. As of now, I don’t have any friends in Bellator but Will, so everybody else is ok and fair game.”

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