Melvin Guillard: ‘The Reebok Deal Is A Slap In The Face To Veterans’

Melvin Guillard

Former UFC and WSOF lightweight Melvin Guillard is now set to make his Bellator MMA debut Friday night against Brandon Girtz in the main event.

Guillard’s brief stint with WSOF did not go well and there still seems to be a little bad blood between himself and the promotion, however, his departure from the UFC was drama free. He was simply let go, and now, looking back and seeing what’s going on now, Guillard is happy it went that way.

He told MMAFighting:

“Guys aren’t happy with how things are going as far as the Reebok deal, obviously. Guys are losing money with sponsorships because they can’t make any money with sponsors. I never ever understood when I was with the UFC and they started charging companies to be in the UFC. That’s when everything started affecting our money. I never understood that, but I was always optimistic to think that maybe they would pay us more money on the back-end because we were losing money on this end, but it never happened. So I don’t know what the motive for what they’re doing is.

“If I was still in the UFC, I know I wouldn’t be paying my agent no 15- or 20-percent for marketing because there’s no point now. You might as well just pay them for lining up your fight.”

Guillard also likened the new Reebok deal to “a slap in the face” to veterans.

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