Kimbo And Shamrock For PED Regulation, Not Ban


“The best way that I could describe this is like putting gas into a race car that’s regular gas,” Shamrock said. “It’s not gonna perform to its maximum level, because of all the pressure you’re putting on the engine and pistons, the carburetor and the gas lines and everything that goes into making that thing go fast and perform at a high level. Those things would blow up and blow out if they don’t have what they need to push that big strong engine. And the body is the same way where you’re constantly pushing it beyond the normal level of a human being.”

“It’s not average to take your body through two or three hours of training, beating, banging, punching, weights,” Slice said. “Eating different, sleeping shorter, waking up to compete. Your body goes through some sh*t. The ligaments, the bones, the tendinitis. That’s some brutal sh*t the body has to go through. The commissions, we should allow everything to be under control at a certain level to keep the sport good, to keep the fans wanting to see their favourites and paying millions of dollars. Yeah, f*ck yeah. I’m all for that.”

Those are Ken Shamrock’s and Kimbo Slice’s thoughts on the whole PED using and testing actions going on in MMA right now, as told to MMAFighting.

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