Coker on Rampage’s return: “It’s going to be a matter of time”

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Recently Rampage Jackson sent out a not-so cryptic Tweet saying sometimes u should just stay with the devil u know (See the full Tweet HERE).

The Tweet sparked questioning from the MMA community, especially given that Rampage was so eager to leave the UFC at one time.

Since Scott Coker has taken over the Presidential duties of Bellator, Rampage has yet to fight, leaving many to wonder if he will continue to fight for the promotion.

Coker spoke on The MMA Hour:

“We’re just waiting for him to engage us as to when he’s ready to compete again. We’re talking to his management and there is dialogue, but he’s a got a lot of other things on his plate. I’m told he wants to open a sports bar, he has an app that he’s doing, he just opened a gym, and he’s extremely busy doing other things.”

“We’re the promoter, we’re the producer, and he’s the talent. Sometimes talent is not happy, and that’s just the nature of this business. I mean, you of all people know how many fighters fall in that category.”

“We’ve met [Jackson] actually many times in the past. So we have gotten to know him a little bit and have a lot of respect for him. I just think it’s going to be a matter of time.”

When do you think Rampage Jackson will once again fight in the Bellator cage?

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