Coker Planning 16 Events In 2015 For Bellator Reboot

Scott Coker

“The first thing we had to change was the tournament format. Which we did. The second thing is we have to go and recruit the top talent and cultivate the talent we have here now. And the third thing was the staff running 10 shows in a row. Talk about a burnout. We had to reprogram it. “Look this is going to become a once a month show and we are going to have time to promote it and we are really going to have time to do it right.” This is a much different mindset than doing it every week. Because right now these guys were on the road for like 10 weeks straight. It’s like crazy.”

“Here is the thought. Right now they are doing like ten weeks in a row, which you can’t promote a fight every week doing that. It’s impossible. If you want to be Friday Night Fights sure. OK that’s one thing. But I don’t want to be Friday Night Fights. I want to be fights that matter, are relevant and people want to see. So we’re going to take a step back and we’re going to do 16 fights next year. We’ll do 12 good-sized shows and then we do four tent pole shows. Arena shows. Stacked cards, bigger venue, bigger production, bigger feel. So we’ll have a total of 16 fights next year.”

In a fantastic interview with’s John S. Nash, Newly assigned Bellator Boss, Scott Coker discussed the future plans of the Viacom owned Bellator MMA promotion.

Is he on the right track?

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