WATCH! MMA pioneer roasts Ronda Rousey and crushes hard on Holly Holm!

By Russell Ess - February 4, 2016

The world was shocked when Holly Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 back in November. As a big underdog in the fight against the once thought unbeatable Rousey, Holm and her team at JacksonWink MMA proved to the world that Holly Holm was made of championship material.

MMA legend and pioneer Don Frye recently spoke with Submission Radio on his absolute admiration of Holm, and utter disdain of Rousey.

“I thought Holly was amazing, and not just cause she’s got a gorgeous body. God dang, you see the legs on that girl? Like holy shmoly. Yeah, she is just a train stopper, she’s a traffic stopper, she’s just amazing. You know, they did it exactly like it was supposed to be done.”

Frye went on to talk about Rousey and how the hype may have gotten to her.

“I mean Ronda was a one-trick pony and she was stupid. She’s over-emotional and everybody’s kissing her ass and telling her how wonderful she is. And you see it happen – I’ve said this a hundred times – everybody gets cocky and they get lazy. It happened to me, happened to Coleman, happened to Kerr, happened to Fedor – or Fedor just got tired of getting beat up and having the mob take his money. I don’t know – but everybody, you get cocky and you don’t train as hard, man, and then it catches up to you and because of that one person just waiting.”

Frye, who has not always had the best things to say about women’s MMA is a big supporter of Holm.

“Holly’s got all my respect in the world from me, but everybody else, they gotta earn it. They gotta catch up, you know? Holly came in as an eight-time world champion in boxing. You know, she’s a real athlete. Most of these chicks aren’t real athletes. They’ve never done anything athletic and they’re not even fighters, they’re just filling spots. And geez, the game’s gotta improve for the women. It’s got to.”

When asked if he thought Rousey would return to fight again, Frye wasn’t light with his words.

“She got her ass kicked and she couldn’t handle it. Criminy. She’s listening to some bozo in her corner – whatever that trainer who’s out there teaching Tae Bo, and they’re probably as effective as his boxing skills are. Holy shit, she could talk a bunch of smack and couldn’t back it up, man. Holly came through there to whoop her ass and Holly did.”


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