VIDEO | Watch Derrick Lewis Get His New Cauliflower Ear Drained

Derrick Lewis

I’m going to start working on my wrestling 🤼‍♂️ more and jujitsu

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Derrick Lewis had a lot of fans worried in the co-main event of UFC Austin on Sunday. It was clear he was walloping Marcin Tybura on the feet, but once it went to the ground it was Tybura’s world. Of course, the Black Beast doesn’t need long standing up to be able to put someone away, which he proved in the last round. He spun out of Tybura’s clinch and put on the combination that would win him the fight. However, even in victory, Derrick Lewis learned a lesson. As he laid down and got his cauliflower ear drained of blood, he said he’ll work more on his wrestling and jiu jitsu.

“I’m sure my fans know by now, even though I might be getting my ass whooped the first two rounds, but you know that ‘Beast’ about to come out sooner or later. I didn’t want to gas myself out like you-know-who. In the third round, I wasn’t tired at all. It was shocking. In the third round, my ass is gas. But this fight right here, I really wasn’t tired. I still felt like I could throw heat. Before the fight even started, [my coaches] already knew what time I’m going to really turn it on. I heard they’re giving people $500,000 just to fight for the title, so your boy had to step his game up.” — Derrick Lewis speaking to MMA Junkie.

It’s pretty wild to think that Marcin Tybura grappled Derrick Lewis so much in the fight that it swelled up his ear, but that stuff can build up fast. Can we see Lewis in wrestling head gear covering his ears putting that time in on the mat? A Lewis that can’t be taken or held down is a scary thought. As he climbs back up the ranks, his cardio and wrestling will definitely be tested, especially if he ends up booked again with Fabricio Werdum. Lewis wants a big name next, so we’ll see how his new and improved training will pan out.

This article first appeared on on 2/20/2018.

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