VIDEO | Rumor: Several people on social media claim Conor McGregor got into a bar fight last night

There has yet to be any statement from Conor McGregor or the UFC on this alleged incident but there have been several people who have claimed that the UFC lightweight champion got into a physical altercation while in a bar last night in Crumlin, Ireland.

Take it for what it is at this point with people basically being able to post whatever they please on social media whether it is totally made up or an honest recollection of their experience.

Whatever the case may be, several posts from different people on social media claim McGregor beat up another man in a bar in Crumlin.

One social media post along with a photo of McGregor said the following: “What a wanker

Always honoured his loyalty…until tonight…he came into his ‘local’ and he started on some poor innocent kid.punching him.I really hope it turns out that we got the wrong end of the stick. But I doubt it.”

Conor McGregor

Another post from a different person stated: “I’ve lost all respect for McGregor after tonight.”

The person followed up with a reply asking the reason for his post and stated: “was drinking in the blackfordge in Crumlin and McGregor came in and boxed the head of some poor chap out of his box.”

According to the video above from YouTube channel MMA Focus, McGregor’s Twitter account apparently liked a tweet that was about his rumored bar fight but has since been unliked from the account.

What are your thoughts on the alleged rumor involving Conor McGregor? Do you think a few people decided to fabricate the social media posts at around the same time? Or do you think there is any truth to the alleged incident?

Conor McGregor

This article first appeared on on 11/27/2017.

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