VIDEO | Rampage Jackson Wants to Fight Wanderlei Silva a Fourth Time

Quinton Rampage Jackson

A lot of talk gets thrown around about the trilogies in MMA. There have been plenty of them, with more sure to come. But what about quadrilogies? That’s right, four fights with the same rival. If Quinton Jackson had his way, he’d get another fight with legend Wanderlei Silva. The Axe Murderer took out Rampage twice with knees, before Jackson got his payback. Evidently it wasn’t enough though, because Jackson claims he still owes him an ass whooping.

“I owe Wanderlei [Silva] another ass whooping, I’ll tell you that. I know he’s not a heavyweight. The last time I fought him I knocked him out of the weight class. But he beat me twice. I only beat him once. I think I owe him another ass whooping. I probably could get down to 205, but I don’t know. I’m walking around at 250, 260. That’s a big one. If I had my way [it’d be at heavyweight] but like I said, Wanderlei is not a heavyweight. I probably could get down to 205 now that I’ve got my nutritionist. My motivation is still the heavyweight belt. Even if I’m out of the tournament, whoever wins that belt I’m gonna challenge him right away.” — Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson speaking on The MMA Hour.

If this goes down, Quinton Jackson and Wanderlei Silva would have fought each other for three organizations: PRIDE, UFC and Bellator. After losing his first match in the Bellator heavyweight grand prix, he’s probably eager to get another win on his record and what better than to do it against an old rival and a big name? Despite the 15-year beef he wants to settle with Silva, Jackson maintains it’s the Bellator heavyweight gold that he has his eyes set on in the long run.

This article first appeared on on 2/7/2018.

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