VIDEO | MMA fighter pulls one the of most entertaining WWE-style dropkicks off in the cage

It’s not often that you see a flying kick attempted in mixed martial arts.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has had his fair share of flying kicks that have landed flush on his opponents. However, it’s not very often at all that you’ll see a fighter attempt a dropkick, which is pulled off more frequently in the WWE than in MMA.

Chris Gatton Terry Bartholomew

Chris Gatton won the crowd over in his fight against Terry Bartholomew in their amateur fight at Revolution Fight Series 7 back in 2014. After exchanging standing up in the first round, the fight went to the ground where Bartholomew attacked with ground and pound and submission attempts. Gatton was able to show some good defense as able to get the fight back on their feet. With the first round coming to an end, Gatton unleashed his dropkick that connected with Bartholomew which brought the crowd to a roar of excitement.

The fight continued on through the second round where Bartholomew got the fight back to the ground and attempted more submissions on Gatton. Gatton showed great defense and had his own guillotine submission attempt on Bartholomew. The fighters found themselves going into the third round where Bartholomew once again took the fight to the ground where he was most comfortable and eventually was able to lock on a rear-naked choke submission forcing Gatton to tap.

Terry Bartholomew Chris Gatton

Although Gatton lost the fight, he surely brought the entertainment in the cage with him and has been rewarded with his highlight living forever on the Internet in a video meme. See the full exciting amateur fight between Chris Gatton and Terry Bartholomew below and let us know what you think about the crowd-pleasing dropkick brought to you by Gatton in the comment section!.

This article first appeared on on 4/21/2017.

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