VIDEO | Michael Johnson during fan Q&A: ‘Nate Diaz definitely doesn’t hit hard’

By Russell Ess - September 15, 2016


Michael “The Menace” Johnson headlines UFC Fight Night 94 this Saturday against Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier.

On Wednesday ahead of the main event, Johnson took to Facebook live where he answered questions from fans tuning in.

Some of the more interesting answers that he gave from the fight fan’s asking their questions on Facebook went through a range of topics. From his experience fighting Nate Diaz to his pick for the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Regarding questions on Nate, Johnson said, “Nate Diaz was a little bit better than I expected, which is ultimately why that happened.”

“Yeah, Nate definitely doesn’t hit hard. He just hits with a lot of volume and a lot of accuracy and it’s really hard to get away from him.”

“Definitely want my Nate Diaz rematch. So, when we get done with Dustin, we’ll talk about that.”

“I don’t want a payday just from Nate. I want my rematch. It comes a time when it’s not about the money always, so I just want to get that [rematch].”

“In a rematch, I think I would kill him. You know, I lost focus. I can’t lose that if I do get that rematch.”

As far as a fighter’s union, Johnson said, “Yeah, it could definitely do us some good, a fighter’s union. But, we’ll have to go on and see how things go. I definitely think that it’s going to come to a point where we do need to come together as one big unit, show the promotion just exactly the power that we do have.”

With CM Punk’s poor performance at UFC 203, “The Menace” doesn’t see much of a future in mixed martial arts for the former WWE star.

“No, I do not think CM Punk can bounce back. You know, I don’t think he’s in the right place at all.”

“I think CM Punk, I think he got a pretty nice paycheck for doing absolutely nothing and I think he needs to take that and go back to wrestling or disappear from this fight game. I don’t think he’s made for it. I give him all the respect in the world for going in there but anybody can go in there and get beat up on and get $500,000. That’s no problem at all.”

In terms of a fight with Irish superstar Conor McGregor, Johnson says he feels he would do more than well against the featherweight champion.

“Yeah, I do feel like I could beat McGregor. You know, we’ll see when that happens.”

“Well if that fight happens, when it happens, of course, I think I have a chance. He’s nothing really special anyway. He was a big guy fighting at 45 and you see how he looks when he is fighting guys that are a little heavier.”

As far as the pound-for-pound king, Johnson says for him, it’s Mighty Mouse.

“Number one pound-for-pound fighter is DJ, Demetrious Johnson. I think what he does is incredible and I’d put Jon Jones in there and so and so forth.”

How do you think the fight between Michael Johnson and Dustin Poirier will go this Saturday in Hidalgo, Texas at UFC Fight Night 94? Share your prediction for how and when the fight ends in the comment section!


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