VIDEO | Jon Jones unlike Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, doesn’t believe in his own hype

Jon Jones has one loss on his record professional record, but many including himself don’t consider it an actual loss. Back in 2009, Jones was disqualified in his fight against Matt Hamill for illegal strikes, awarding Hamill the win, who was brutally beaten by Jones prior to referee Steve Mazzagatti stopping the fight.

When talking about the biggest stars in the UFC today including former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor, both of them have fallen from the sky with decisive losses dealt at the hands of their opponents, both in their most recent fights.

When asked why Jones hasn’t had the same misfortune of being beaten by an opponent in the Octagon, Jones says it’s because he knows he is not invincible.

“I know I’m not unbeatable,” Jones said to the media on Tuesday’s UFC 200’s scrum. “So, I try to exude confidence and I try to be confident. And even when I’m not confident, I pretend to be confident. It’s important. But I know that I can be beat and I think that’s why I haven’t been beat, you know where some of these guys really start to believe their hype.

“You know Ronda Rousey, they were saying she’s the best fighter of all time and best athlete in the world, stuff like that. And I was happy for her to hear those types of accolades, but once I realized that maybe she was starting to believe it herself, I knew she was in a dangerous spot. Conor McGregor saying these things you know, about just being the baddest dude and ‘I’ll beat anybody at any weight class,’ that’s foolish stuff. When you believe the hype to that level, that’s when you’re in danger.”

Jones alluded that his fear of losing is what drives him to find success time and time again in the Octagon.

“I talk about being confident in winning all the time, but the reason why I tend to always win is because at the end of the day I’m more nervous than any other fighter,” Jones said, “and it causes me to spend every night until 3 o’clock in the morning just on my laptop watching the same damn fight over and over again with a notebook, thinking about the ways I can lose, thinking about what I need to do and so that’s really what I attribute to being undefeated all these years, just how seriously I take it and how much I don’t know. It gives me power.”

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