VIDEO | Frank Mir punks UFC Undisputed video game motion capture specialist

You have to be a pretty brave soul to play tricks on some of the most talented mixed martial arts athletes in the world.

In this hilarious video, we take a look at former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir doing some motion capture sequences for the UFC Undisputed video game.

The video shows a man named Jeremy who works in the motion capture department with the video game and makes Mir do the hokey pokey dance motions as a prank that he apparently does often with those that are new to motion capture.

However, someone let Mir know that Jeremy was going to pull this prank on him and pulled a prank of his own.

mma fighter punked

After doing the hokey pokey sequence, Mir pulls out his acting skills and tells Jeremy, “Are you f***ing with me?” Mir walks towards the video game technician and starts questioning Jeremy in a stern tone.

Jeremy laughed it off at first but then realized that Mir wasn’t smiling. Mir walked right up to Jeremy who at that point put his hands up showing that he didn’t want any trouble. Just like that, Jeremy probably saw his life flash before his eyes and surely to his relief, Mir cracked a smile and laughed and gave Jeremy a ribbing.

Frank Mir is 18-11 in his professional mixed martial arts career and last fought Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 85 back in March. Mir lost by KO in the first round and later tested positive for oral turinabol metabolites, which the former champion said could have been from contaminated kangaroo meat.

former ufc heavyweight champion

Mir has recently expressed interest in grappling Jon Jones who is suspended for also testing positive for banned substances. Jones grappled against the recently retired Dan Henderson and was able to submit “Hendo” via arm-triangle choke at the Submission Underground 2 event earlier this month.

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