VIDEO | Floyd Mayweather Will Apply for His MMA License

Floyd Mayweather

We said it wouldn’t happen. We said it didn’t make any sense. We made fun of people that thought it was going down. Sound familiar? This is how nearly the entire planet felt about a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, but it manifested itself nevertheless. It seems like Mayweather making his MMA debut could be following the same pattern.

“[I haven’t applied for my MMA license] yet. Not yet, but everything takes time. Eventually we’re gonna apply for the license and hopefully we can fight [in the UFC]. We probably need a little bit longer [than three months to get ready for my first MMA fight]. A little bit longer. Even if it takes six to eight months, whatever it takes, we want to make sure everything is done correctly and everything is done the right way.” — Floyd Mayweather speaking to TMZ Sports.

“We’re already getting it set-up. First thing we’ll work on is kicks. Blocking the kicks. There is no point in him trying to learn how to kick. Defending kicks, identifying when a body is about to throw a kick. No one can just suddenly, sneaky throw a kick besides like an [Edson] Barboza or Jose Aldo. […] Secondly, obviously defending takedowns. If he’s able to evade punches in a fraction of a second, make people look stupid and miss a million times, then he can learn wrestling defense.”Tyron Woodley speaking on TMZ Sport’s The Hollywood Beatdown.

While Tyron Woodley said it would take several months to get Floyd Mayweather ready for an MMA debut against a to-be-decided opponent, Mayweather now has gone on record saying it could take closer to a year. From CM Punk to Nick Newell, there are no shortage of opponents that are ready to welcome him to the UFC. Conor McGregor thinks he could fight him and then fight another real contender the same night.

This article first appeared on on 3/20/2018.

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