VIDEO | Diego Brandao walks out of cage mid-fight during Fight Nights Global main event against Akhmed Aliev

By Russell Ess - September 4, 2017

The Fight Nights Global main event in Russia just had an abrupt and strange ending as Akhmed Aliev was awarded a TKO over UFC veteran Diego Brandao.

Aliev and Brandao were in a heated main event competition where things started to get dirty in the fight where illegal strikes were apparently being thrown by both opponents.

Diego Brandao

In the second round of the main event bout, Aliev was on top of Brandao and threw an illegal headbutt to the chest of Brandao. As the referee warned Aliev of the illegal strike, Brandao lifted his hands in frustration to the referee with what was happening. As Brandao let his guard down, Aliev threw a flurry of punches, which was then stopped by the ref. Brandao then threw an upkick that struck Aliev in the neck and then got up and immediately walked to the cage door asking for it to be opened. People from the audience then started throwing rubbish into the cage and Brandao hopped out of the cage eliminating himself from the competition.

Have you ever seen anything this crazy in a professional MMA fight before? Let’s discuss this one in the comment section!

This article first appeared on on 9/4/2017.

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