VIDEO | Diego Brandao appears to bite his opponents ear at FNG 73

By Chris Taylor - September 4, 2017

Former UFC fighter Diego Brandao squared off with Akhmet Aliev in the main event of FNG 73 today in Kaspiysk, Dagestan.

Brandao entered the contest on a two-fight winning streak, with both of those wins coming by form of stoppage.

At the 3:25 mark of the second-round it appears that Diego Brandao actually decided to bite the ear of his opponent while in full guard.

You can hear Akhmet Aliev scream at the :05 second mark of the video below which prompted the referee to step in and take a look. The referee would allow the fighters to continue in the position and that is when Aliev decided to head butt Diego in the chest. The referee would immediately attempt to step in but Akhmet used the distraction to rain down a plethora of punches on Brandao. When the referee finally got Aliev to stop throwing punches, Brando decided to strike Akhmet in the throat with an up-kick.

From there, things just continued to get more bizarre. Brandao proceeded to stand up and walk towards the cage gate instructing officials that he wanted to be let out. That is when the fans in attendance began throwing bottles and other trash into the cage. Brandao would eventually hop over the cage fence, forcing the referee to call an end to the main event contest.

At the :05 second mark of the video below you can hear Akhmet Aliev scream out what sounds like “He’s biting”.

At the 3:34 mark of the second-round you can see the headbutt that forced the referee to step in.

Aliev was declared the winner by way of technical knockout, improving his overall record to 16-4.

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