VIDEO | Daniel Cormier tells the story about fighting his childhood bully

It’s hard to believe that UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was a victim of bullying.

However, Cormier admits that there was one kid that he grew up with that made his life a living hell until he learned how to wrestle and took it to his peer.

Cormier says that his fight with his childhood bully, Gilbert, is one of the fights that he is most proud of today, even now as the UFC light heavyweight champ.

Check out Cormier’s story as he takes us back to his childhood days growing up in Louisiana and how being bullied basically changed his life with his wrestling career that turned him into a mixed martial arts champion.

Daniel Cormier is set to defend his title against current UFC light heavyweight interim champion Jon Jones in the main event at UFC 200. Who are you picking to win the title fight? Share your pick with us in the comment section!

Video | Daniel Cormier
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