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VIDEO | Daniel Cormier responds to Snoop Dogg’s smack talk and backing Jon Jones

We may have a rap battle between fighters corners if Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones ever get the chance to fight again.

Recently, Snoop Dogg made it public that he wants to walk out former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones out to the Octagon if the two are matched up to fight again. Snoop added a bit of insult to Cormier saying, “I wanna walk you out while you kick his motherf*ckin’ ass.”

TMZ caught up with the current UFC light heavyweight champion following his UFC 210 win over Anthony Johnson and was asked about Snoop Dogg’s recent comments.

Daniel Cormier Snoop Dogg

“I don’t know, I’m a fan of Snoops, so I don’t know what Snoop’s issue is with me,” Cormier said. “Having a little fun, I guess he didn’t like it.

“I think he and Jon may have some sort of relationship previous to him seeing my fight. He’s free to cheer for who he wants, you know he can just be disappointed after I beat Jon Jones. But, sorry Uncle Snoop, you can be friends with Jon but you’ll want to be my friend after I whoop your boy.”

TMZ asked Cormier if it was disturbing that someone he is a fan of does not like him and Cormier didn’t try to hide that his feelings were hurt a bit.

“It sucks so bad! It’s somebody that you actually like, you know? I been listening to his stuff, his first album. It’s like, what? You like Jon? But, we all know Uncle Snoop is a big advocate of the Mary Jane and we all know Jon’s problems,” Cormier said with a laugh. “Maybe that’s the bond that connects them. I don’t know. They were backstage at a Snoop concert once so, we know how Jon gets down.”

Although Cormier said he will still keep listening to Snoop Dogg’s music even if he is on Team Jones, if Snoop does walk out with Jones for their potential fight, Cormier said he will get Lil Wayne to walk out with him as they both are from Louisianna.

Snoop Dogg and Jon Jones

Who will you side with if this all goes down? Champion Daniel Cormier walking out with Lil Wayne or former champion Jon Jones and Snoop Dogg? Take a side in the comment section!

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 4/12/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM