VIDEO | Daniel Cormier Cuts WWE Style Promo for Chanting Fans at Open Workouts

Daniel Cormier

We are two — count ’em — two days away from UFC 220 and everything is heating up including Daniel Cormier. Volkan Oezdemir is challenging Cormier for his UFC light heavyweight championship. He wants to prove he hasn’t been rushed to the top and he’s one of the best in the world, while DC will look to convince everyone the only man who has a shot at beating him is Jon Jones and he’s ineligible for competition. Open workouts wrapped up yesterday and Cormier took to the mic afterwards to drop a great promo fit for any WWE babyface.

“It feels good to be in the city of champions. I walk through the airport the other day and I saw banners for days. And you know what I thought to myself? Damn, Boston feels like a DC city. I am notorious for jumping on bandwagons and I will allow every one of you to jump on mine. But on Sunday, my Saints are gone so I’m rooting for your Patriots. I appreciate each and every one of you coming out here.”

“We all know what happened to me last fight. I’ve gotta build myself back up and I’m gonna make a statement on Saturday night. Volkan Oezdemir may be a good guy. He may be a good fighter. But I know one thing that Vol-can’t do, and that’s beat Daniel Cormier. Saturday night I get my hand raised again and I go back inside the winner’s circle. Thank you Boston. Thank you for having me and I appreciate you.” — Daniel Cormier at the UFC 220 open workouts.

If you hear that and you’re not fired up, you need to check your pulse for a heartbeat. Vol-can’t but Dan-can? That’s UFC 220 shiny button worthy, fight fans. The only thing more polished than Daniel Cormier’s mic skills is his work inside the Octagon. He’ll get a chance to show off both again this Saturday, while Volkan Oezdemir will do absolutely everything in his power to stop it. We. Can’t. Wait.

This article first appeared on on 1/18/2018.

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