VIDEO | Dana White verbally attacks Michael Landsberg during interview when asked about fighter pay

Last week leading up to UFC 206, UFC President Dana White did some interviews with the media to promote the event that took place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

White appeared as a guest on TSN’s Sportscentre and was interviewed by sports journalist Michael Landsberg.

The two talked about various topics from the UFC 206 event to how the UFC and Georges St-Pierre could not come to an agreement for the event taking place in the former welterweight champion’s backyard.

Georges St-Pierre post fight victory

Things get quite interesting when the topic of fighter pay comes up after Landsberg brought up that the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association recently claimed the UFC only paid fighters eight percent of their revenue that comes in (at 6:45 of the video).

“First of all, that guy that said it, is a really bad guy,” White said of Bjorn Rebney, founder and former chairman and CEO of Bellator MMA, who is now working with the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association. “That guy that said it is a really bad guy. Really bad guy. Ask anybody. Not only in mixed martial arts. One of the classiest legends ever in the sport of boxing, intelligent guy, super classy, Sugar Ray Leonard. Ask him what he thinks about Bjork and what type of person he is. You know you’re a bad guy when you get chased out of boxing and you have to go to another sport. He got bought out of his company in MMA because the network couldn’t stand him.”


Landsberg then asks White, “So what would you put the number at, if it’s not eight percent?”

“Lorenzo put the number out there before and our numbers line up with sports of our size,” White said. “Major League Soccer, you know? Sports our size. This sport has been here for 16 years.”

Landsberg jumps in and again asks for a hard number, which White fires back and says he does not know the exact number and things get pretty heated! Check it all out in the video above where the two really go at it starting at the 8:15 mark.

What are your thoughts on the exchange between Dana White and Michael Landsberg regarding the UFC revenue share with fighters? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!

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