St-Pierre, Cerrone, Velasquez and more announce ‘industry re-defining’ Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association

By Russell Ess - November 30, 2016

On Monday, it was announced in a press release that some major names in the sport of mixed martial arts were going to make a “industry re-defining” announcement on Wednesday.

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Many were speculating the announcement to have to do with a fighter’s union or association and it was revealed on the media conference call to be just that.

UFC fighter Tim Kennedy was the first to speak and announced, “We’re gonna change the face of an entire industry and sport today.”

Kennedy stated the the “fighters have been left behind” even after the huge amount of financial success the promotions have gotten, as anyone could only point to the UFC’s recent $4 billion sale to new owners WME-IMG. Kennedy went on to say that their new association, the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association plans to leave no fighter left behind.

Kennedy also introduced the infamous attorney Jim Quinn, who is Georges St-Pierre’s lawyer negotiating his current contract with the UFC and has a winning record with fighting big sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL.

St-Pierre spoke and said that the UFC will likely try to portray him as a bad figure by being a part of the association.

Interestingly, “Rush” stated that even the UFC’s highest paid athlete in history, Conor McGregor is not getting paid the fair amount. St-Pierre stated that the UFC fighters are getting paid around 8% of the revenue while most other high-level professional sports are getting a 50/50 split. The former UFC welterweight kingpin stated that without any of the fighters, the UFC was simply three letters of the alphabet.

Donald Cerrone also took his stance with the association addressing health care for the fighters and now is willing to take a stance with an association whereas years ago he admitted he was afraid to.

Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw also spoke and said that hearing they make only 8% of the revenue was absurd to him.

“I’m not sitting behind a desk. I’m out there putting my life on the line. It would be nice to reap some reward from it.”

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez also spoke on his stance with the association and mentioned the many surgeries that he has had to go through in his career with one already lined up after he fights in December

Bellator founder Bjorn Rebney who was let go by the parent company Viacom also spoke for the association and has been working on this for two years.

Rebney has faced criticism as a promoter but Kennedy stated that the five fighters at the media call were the board members.

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