VIDEO | Alan Jouban is Down to Fight WWE’s Big Show

By Tom Taylor - September 18, 2016

ufc welterweight

The long-awaited UFC debut of WWE star CM Punk is now in the rear-view mirror, and it did not go as the pro wrestler planned. Where he was hoping for an unforgettable upset win over the young Mickey Gall, he instead found himself on the receiving end of a first-round submission.

This fight reminded the world that, in MMA, celebrity is no substitute for legitimate mixed martial arts experience. In other words, pro wrestlers have no business competing in the UFC’s Octagon unless they possess the kind of collegiate wrestling pedigree that Brock Lesnar did.

Despite this hard fact, however, we’ve likely not seen the last of the MMA vs. pro wrestling story arch. Like it or hate it, the two sports are inexorably tied, and it probably won’t belong before their stars cross paths again.

In an interview with TMZ, UFC welterweight Alan Jouban was asked which, if any WWE star he’d be interested in fighting in the Octagon. His answer? 270 lb. monster Big Show.

“He’s a giant man, he’s massive,” Jouban said of this possible showdown. “I’d fight the Big Show, man. He’s huge, and I think the spectacle alone of having the biggest professional athlete in sports fighting me, a 170-pounder, I think it’d be good.”

Despite the absurd size disparity between them, Jouban also said he’s confident he could take the monstrous pro wrestler.

“I think I’d take him, though. I mean he’s a big man, but honestly, you put us in a cage, I would just stick n’ move, stick n’ move, leg kick him… I saw a video of Conor McGregor kinda sparring with The Mountain that one time. I’d do the same thing, man. If he gets his hands on you, you’re toast, so just don’t let him get his hands on you.”

The UFC welterweight later took to Twitter to offer up further thoughts on this potential freak show fight:

How do you think Jouban would fare against a behemoth like Big Show? Sound off, PENN nation!