VIDEO | 12-year-old girl takes on adults in MMA challenge

Trained fighters vs. untrained fighters. Who wins? It’s pretty easy to figure that out.

How about when the trained fighter is a 12-year-old girl and the untrained competitors are grown adults?

Here, we take a look at this fun mixed martial arts challenge as 12-year-old Teyah Gutierrez takes on Selorm who is described as a lover, not a fighter, and Ryan, whose experience with MMA goes as far as him enjoying watching the sport on tv.

MMA challenge

For the first challenge, Teyah has to escape from Selorm and Ryan’s mount. In challenge two, the competitor’s punches are monitored to record their number of punches, speed, and intensity. In challenge three, Selorm and Ryan have to avoid 12-year-old Teyah’s strikes.

For the first challenge as you can see in the video, Teyah made it look too easy as she was able to get out of the mount on her first try and ended up in Selorm and Ryan’s guard.

In challenge two, Teyah starts off with the punch monitoring system and ends up with a punch count of 660, intensity score of 16.3k and average velocity of 5.7 mph. Ryan is up next and records 242 punches, and intensity score of 8.4k and average velocity of 9.2 mph. Selorm ends up with a count of 225 punches, 6.3k intensity score, and average velocity of 4 mph. The way the scores were calculated had Teyah come out on top once again.

MMA challenge

In challenge three, Teyah was able to connect with two punches on Selorm but Ryan was able to evade getting hit with a shot to his head and had won his first challenge.

Without having any martial arts experience, do you think you would have done any better than Selorm and Ryan in the challenges against the trained 12-year-old girl? Perhaps easier said than done!

This article first appeared on on 3/29/2017.

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