VIDEO | Alaska FC Fighter Gives a Completely Epic Post-Fight Interview

Tevin Dyce

If you weren’t properly motivated by Artem Lobov’s exciting speech after his weigh-in this morning, then this guy will surely light the fire underneath you. After Tevin Dyce tapped out Jacob McNaulty at Alaska Fighting championship 134 in the first round, no one could have predicted they were about to be blessed with a motivational sermon and a simple request: Where’s the party at?  

“Adversity is a motherf-cker. Follow your dreams. If you lose a fight or you get pushed down, don’t give up. No matter what nobody tells you. Believe in yourself, work your ass off, and earn everything you get. Hell yeah. I’m from the Bronx, New York. I’m here until Friday. Where the party at? I want to party, I want to smoke some weed, I want to taste some alcohol. Let’s have some fun, baby!”

Too bad Tevin Dyce didn’t fight in Stockton, California. We’re sure the Diaz brothers could have helped him out with at least one of his post-fight celebratory actions. The wild thing about Dyce is that he’s a construction worker representing the BX, while trying to accomplish his dream of being an MMA fighter. That’s almost as inspiring as the speech itself. He wanted to know where the party was at, well, we hope he found it. Follow your dreams. Congratulations, Tevin Dyce. We probably haven’t seen the last of him.

This article first appeared on on 10/20/2017.

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