Video reveals attacker threatened to murder Rachael Ostovich

Rachael Ostovich, UFC
Image: Rachael Ostovich on Instagram

Hawaiian news outlet Hawaii News Now has obtained video from the night that UFC flyweight contender Rachael Ostovich was allegedly attacked by her husband, fellow MMA fighter Arnold Berdon. This footage reveals the extreme and terrifying nature of this incident, as Ostovich’s attacker can be heard threatening to kill her.

“I’m going to murder you,” the attacker tells Rachael Ostovich in the video. “I’m going to f***ing murder you.”

This utterance is pertinent given that Berdon is facing a a second-degree assault charge, which was downgraded from an attempted murder charge.

Nanci Kreidman, a representative from the Domestic Violence Action Center, told Hawaii News Now that downgrading this charge was a grave error given that the attacker told Rachael Ostovich explicitly that he was going to kill her.

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“There are threats to kill, at what point does the system take his threats and his violence seriously, recognize them for the grave violent acts that they are and try to hold accountable the people that are committing these crimes?” she queried.

Hawaii News Now explains the significance of the video as fellows:

The Nov. 27 recording was taken by a witness who heard Ostovich’s screams for help and the repeat blows she endured — allegedly from her husband, MMA fighter Arnold Berdon.
The recording lasts a grueling nine minutes and is dark almost beginning to end.

But you can clearly hear what is happening — blow by blow.

Her injuries included a broken eye socket and multiple bruises — and Ostovich said it wasn’t the first time.

The report continues:

“At one point, Ostovich is quiet. Sources say that’s because she’d fallen unconscious.

Eventually, Ostovich was able to escape.

In the video, she can be seen dropping about 10 feet from a lanai before getting up and stumbling away nude.”

Despite this harrowing incident, Rachael Ostovich will return to the cage at UFC on ESPN+ on January 19, where she will battle Paige VanZant.
This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 12/21/2018.

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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM