Video: Michael Chandler reviews Dustin Poirier’s hot sauce

Michael Chandler, Daniel Cormier
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Michael Chandler has been chomping at the bit for a fight with top UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier, but that didn’t stop him from giving an honest review of Poirier’s hot sauce.

Chandler and Poirier both picked up big wins at UFC 257 last month, knocking out Dan Hooker and Conor McGregor respectively. Since then, Chandler has been angling for a fight with Poirier, but Poirier has expressed disinterest in the matchup.

Over the weekend, Poirier got his hands on a bottle of Poirier’s “Louisiana Style” hot sauce. While he initially pretended to throw the bottle out, he later retrieved it from the trash, applied some to a chicken wing, and gave his honest review.

The verdict?

“It’s pretty good.”

See Chandler review Poirier’s hot sauce below:

While Chandler took a sportsmanlike approach to his review of Poirier’s hot sauce, he’s made no secret of his disappointment in Poirier’s disinterest in a potential fight.

“I do think it’s a little bit weird,” Chandler told MMA Fighting after being snubbed by Poirier. “No matter what, who I was before UFC 257 is much different in the eyes of the fans, the media, the rankings than who I am now after UFC 257. With the dominant performance that I put on against a guy that I finished in two-and-a-half minutes that took him 25 minutes to win a decision against. But Dustin Poirier is a champion in his own right. I believe he should be one half of the lightweight title picture, and it just remains to be seen who it will be. Dana White came out right away and said, ‘Man, Chandler’s performance, Poirier’s performance, seems like it makes sense for those two guys to fight next for the title.’

“He said if they want Chandler to fight for the title, he’ll go sell hot sauce, and truthfully he might end up just being a hot sauce salesman for the next six months, because I think the title picture is going to move on,” Chandler added.

Does a potential fight between Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier interest you?

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