VIDEO | Brendan Schaub willing to pay for all of Ray Borg’s son’s medical needs

“I was on the plane the other day, man. And…have you seen Ray Borg’s son? His baby’s having these surgeries and I saw someone post a shirt that Ray Borg [made]. He posts a shirt [to his social media] and goes, ‘all proceeds from this shirt go to help me pay for my child’s medical bill’.

And so someone goes, ‘Schaub look into this’ and so I click on it and I see it, you know, I have a two and a half-year-old son, I see his son on the respirator…broke my heart, man. So I [direct messaged] him…and Ray, I’m sure a buncha people hit you up, man. I DM’d Ray because he needs help with the medical bills, I will pay for your medical bills, Ray. I will cover it, man. 

I get emotional when I see his son…when I say I’ll help you, Ray, I’m dead serious, man. I’m not one of these guys who…I don’t need the publicity, I don’t need any of that. I DM’d you my number. I will cover it, I will cover the medical bills, man. I got you, brother. I got you, man. Hit me up. It’s not a game, no publicity, I will take care of you and your family. That’s it.

I don’t know him at all, never met him. I’m doing a [stand-up comedy] show in Utah, donate all the money I make from my six shows in Utah to his medical bills.”

It’s been a rather rough last couple months for the Borg family as Ray Borg’s son was born with a rare brain condition known as hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus is a condition that can affect a person of any age but is more common among infants and adults over 60 years of age. The condition is that of fluid buildup in the cavities and ventricles deep inside the brain. The excess fluid expands the size of the ventricles this putting pressure onto the brain.

Borg’s son, Anthony, was born on March 27 and continues to fight strong just like his father.

A top-ranked flyweight contender in the UFC, Borg’s last fight came in the biggest of his career when he got his first title shot against the then champion Demetrious Johnson at UFC 216 in October 2017.

Since then, Borg has had two fight cancelations both of which saw him set to face Brandon Moreno. The first being due to Conor McGregor‘s bus attack during UFC 223 fight week which resulted in Borg suffering corneal abrasions from the glass window on the bus that was broken by McGregor.

The second cancelation was for a rebooked bout with Moreno at UFC Chile in May but Borg pulled out of the fight to continue to take care of his son.

Borg is now set to make his return at UFC Denver on November 10 when he’ll go to battle with two-time title challenger and longtime divisional staple Joseph Benavidez.

As mentioned by former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, Borg’s shirts for his son Anthony are now available in support of him leading up to the fight as well as in just in the future overall.

So with my fight coming up and my sons recent condition and surgeries I will be releasing these shirts in dedication to my him. All proceeds will be going to my sons recent and future medical expenses etc. blue is the color that represents awareness for hydrocephalus( this month is actually hydrocephalus awareness month) shirts will be printed soon and order details to follow. Thank you all loyal fans for the love and support.

This article first appeared on on 10/3/2018

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