VIDEO | Austin Vanderford let Paige VanZant try to drown him in Instagram “experiment”

By Tom Taylor - May 27, 2020

MMA power couple Austin Vanderford and Paige VanZant are known for their entertaining antics on Instagram. Yet the pair’s latest “experiment” might be their wildest yet.

Paige VanZant, Austin Vanderford

On Tuesday, Vanderford and VanZant shared a clip to their Instagram channels, detailing a bizarre but undeniably hilarious experiment they undertook out of pure curiosity.

Apparently, Vanderford started wondering if VanZant could ambush him while he was bathing and hold his head underwater until he drowned. The Bellator middleweight contender, evidently a man of science, followed the Scientific Method in search of answers.

He posed a question: Can my wife drown me in the bathtub? He developed a hypothesis: I’m stronger than her, so probably not. And finally, he tested his hypothesis with an experiment: he fully let VanZant try to down him.

“I do go underwater a lot to wash my hair, get the soap off, and it’s always in the back of my mind,” Vanderford explained (h/t MMA Mania). “I think, ‘Man, what if Paige was really pissed off at me today, [and] like, tried to hold me underwater?’ So I did really want to know if it was possible.”

As he hypothesized, he was able to muscle his way out of the situation.


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Can I drown my husband?? @austinv170mma

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While Vanderford claims this experiment was all in the name of quelling his curiosity, VanZant suspects there was an ulterior motive.

“Truthfully, he was just trying to get me to say, ‘Yes, baby, I’m so blown away by how strong you are,’” VanZant said.

Paige VanZant is currently slated to fight Amanda Ribas on July 11. The bout will mark the final obligation on her current UFC contract.

Austin Vanderford, meanwhile, is awaiting the opportunity to take another big step toward a Bellator middleweight title shot.