UFC Phoenix Results: Vicente Luque stops Bryan Barberena in the final seconds (VIDEO)


A welterweight bout between Vicente Luque and Bryan Barberena took place on the main card of tonight’s UFC Phoenix event.

Bryan Barberena was last seen in action this past August, where he scored a TKO victory over Jake Ellenberger.

Meanwhile, Vicent Luque enters tonight’s contest on a three-fight win streak, his latest being a KO victory over Jalin Turner at UFC 229.

Round one begins and Luque comes forward with a right hand. Barberena circles along the fence but Luque cuts him off and fires a combination. Bryan avoids any significant damage and lands a low kick on the exit. Another low kick from “Bam Bam”. Luque responds with one of his own. Bryan with a jab. Luque with a right hand. He lands another. Bryan is in trouble here. Another right hand from Luque this time followed by a left. Barberena circles off the fence. He comes forward with a combination but Luque avoids. Vicente with another nice right hand. Bryan fires off a body kick. The fighters clinch up and Bryan looks for a trip. Vicente avoids and breaks free. Luque with a straight right. Barberena with a left hand that drops Luque. Bryan follows up but Vicente sweeps him and takes his back. Both hooks in for Luque. He secures a rear-naked choke. Barberena escapes but Vicente rolls him into a d’arce choke. Once again Barberena escapes that hold and begins dropping down elbows. The horn sounds to end a terrific round one.

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Round two begins and Bryan lands a low kick. He presses forward and the fighters battle against the cage. Big shots from Barberena. Vicente responds with a left. Bryan continues to work from in close. Luque responds with a good elbow. He lands a nice hook now. Bryan comes forward with more pressure but Luque catches him with a right hand. The fighters move back towards the center of the octagon. Barberena with a good shot to the body and then a combination. Luque returns fire with a left and then a low kick. Barberena with another hard shot to the body of Luque. Vicente returns fire with a stiff jab. Both men are trading leather in the pocket. Huge shots from both of these guys. Luque with an elbow. Bryan goes to the body. Luque fires back with a combination. He lands a knee that forces Bryan to the canvas. Barberena pops right back to his feet and then horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Vicente Luque presses forward and lands a low kick. He follows that up with a right hand and then another good kick this time to the body. Barberena lands a nice knee up the middle. The fighters once again stand and trade in the pocket. Big shots from both men. What are these guys made of?! Both men with elbows from in close. They switch to jabs. Luque leaps in but eats a right hand. Barberena attempts to clinch but Vicente avoids. Under a minute remains. Luque with a left hand and then another. Bryan continues to press and lands a combination. Luque responds with a flurry. He lands a knee that drops Barberena. Big shots from the top by Vicente Luque. This one is all over. What a war!

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