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U.S. Congressmen take aim at TBS and Warner Bros for promoting “mindless violence” in the form of Power Slap

A U.S. Congressman has taken aim at TBS and Warner Bros for promoting ‘mindless violence’ in the form of Power Slap.

UFC President, Dana White, announced the launch of Power Slap back in November of 2022. ‘Power Slap: Road to the Title’ premiered on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 on TBS. The eight-part reality series follows athletes competing to earn a spot in the cast house, the first Power Slap rankings, in matches and ultimately world recognition.

New Jersey state representative Bill Pascrell Jr. announced that he and Nebraska congressman Don Bacon are challenging whether or not Dana White’s new venture is ethical.

Taking to ‘Twitter‘ Bill Pascrell, Jr. posted a video along with a ‘tweet’:


“Today @RepDonBacon and I are asking TBS and Warner Bros about their crass new TV show “The Power Slap” glorifying terrible violence. Where are the warnings to this mindless violence? Traumatic brain injury isn’t entertainment.”

Pascrell also posted a letter to ‘Twitter’ dated February 15th that he and Bacon sent to the CEO of Warner Bros outlining their concerns regarding the new show ‘Power Slap’. A portion of their correspondence states:

“From what we can tell. The Power Slap capitalizes on violent behaviour and lurid drama masquerading as athletic prowess for profit. Participants are subject to sudden and powerful blows to the head and face causing ‘rotational acceleration’, a primary cause of concussion and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). In recent years a large body of evidence has established CTE as a direct cause of memory decline, impaired cognition, depression, impulsive behaviour, suicidal ideations, parkinsonism and dementia.”

Bill Pascrell, Jr. and Don Bacon are both Members of Congress and Co-Founders and Co-Leaders of the Congressional Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force.

Within the letter, the Congressman have requested prompt responses from Warner Bros to questions they have concerning what they call ‘problematic programming’.

‘Power Slap’ has had mixed reviews and its debut had only 295,000 viewers. In week 2 the show received 413,000 viewers.

In response to those who are critical of ‘the sport’, Dana White said:

“Nobody’s asking you to watch this! Oh, you’re disgusted by it? Watch The Voice.”

Do you watch ‘Power Slap’? Do you believe it is entertainment or would you like to see it banned?

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