Tony Ferguson on Dana White: ‘We need to check his head’

Tony Ferguson, UFC 249, Justin Gaethje
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Tony Ferguson is scheduled to return to the cage opposite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 238 this Saturday. Before this bout was announced, however, the former interim lightweight champion was dealing with some personal issues that cast uncertainty on his fighting future.

Amid Ferguson’s struggles outside the cage, UFC President Dana White claimed that the fighter would need to be evaluated before returning to the cage.

Speaking to the media in Chicago ahead of UFC 238, Tony Ferguson turned the tables on Dana White, saying it’s the UFC boss who needs to get his head checked.

“I think he needs to be evaluated,” Ferguson said (via MMA Fighting). “We need to check his head, I don’t know how many interim title fights he can try to make me f*ckin’ fight. Straight up, I did everything I needed to do to get back to where I’m at. I’m happy to be here, this ain’t no 30 for 30, this ain’t my time for that shit. I’m outrunning the 20 year olds and I’m out-sprinting the other guys, and as long as I keep doing that shit, don’t feel bad. Don’t ask those dumb questions and let’s keep f*cking moving forward, baby.

“Let’s keep doing this shit and keep singing some good songs and making that barbecue. Cowboy, I’m coming after you, baby, you better be ready.”

Tony Ferguson also discussed a previously rumored interim lightweight title fight with Max Holloway, which White claimed he turned down. Ferguson said he was coached to so.

“I was coached to say ‘no.’ I’ll be real with you guys, when have you guys ever known me to say ‘no’ to a fight,” Ferguson said. “Literally, this is a round robin tournament. It’s not one of those bracket final four ones anymore. … Seriously, straight up, you can try your best to win the title. I won the title. It got taken from me, a guy like Robert Whittaker got hurt, same f*ckin’ way. There’s politics in that shit. I got an Ultimate Fighter trophy, which hardly any of these dudes that are holding a belt have. I’ve got a title belt.

“If I have a roof over my head and if I’m cashing checks and choking some necks I’m always happy. The trophy don’t mean shit to me, they’re going to do what they’re gonna have to do to protect their guys and their pockets, so f*ck ‘em. They don’t like me, f*ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.”

Do you think Tony Ferguson will make a successful return to action this Saturday?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 6/6/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM