TJ Dillashaw wants rematch with “lucky” Henry Cejudo to prove he’s not “as good as he thinks he is”

Henry Cejudo, TJ Dillashaw, Dana Whte
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TJ Dillashaw is hoping to lure Henry Cejudo out of retirement.

In January of 2019, Dillashaw dropped down to flyweight to face Cejudo to try and become a champ-champ. Unfortunately for Dillashaw, the fight did not go his way as he was knocked out in 32 seconds and was then suspended for two years by USADA.

Now that Dillashaw is eligible to return, he says Cejudo is on his hit list for fighters he wants to face because he doesn’t believe “Triple C” is as good as he thinks.

“I haven’t thought about a hit list exactly right, but yeah, he’s (Henry Cejudo) on it,” Dillashaw said during a recent episode of Real Quick with Mike Swick (via LowKickMMA). “Just you saying his name it’s like, ‘Oh god,’ you know? ‘The King of Cringe’ did a good job of being cringy. It’s one of those fights that I was so much better going into that fight — don’t take anything away from him [though].

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“I think he’s an amazing athlete for winning an Olympic gold medal,” Dillashaw continued. “I give him more credit for being an Olympic gold medalist than I do winning a UFC championship and that’s something because I’ve wrestled my whole life, that is quite amazing. But I’m so much of a better fighter than him — well-rounded wise.”

PhotoCred: Bloody Elbow

Not only does TJ Dillashaw think Henry Cejudo isn’t as god as he thinks, but he says Triple C got lucky in his career.

“The way that his (Cejudo’s) career worked out and the way that he stepped away from it was just like, he got so lucky,” Dillashaw said. “So that’s a fight that I want back because I don’t think he’s as good as he thinks he is, so that’s for sure on my hit list. First and foremost, (the) hit list for me, is just getting my belt back. Whatever path I have to take to get there, if it’s fighting all the guys in the top-five first, if it’s going straight to the belt, and then making sure I defend it and make a statement.“

What do you make of these comments from TJ Dillashaw?

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