Sean O’Malley on UFC fighter pay: “I learned not to say anything negative about it”


Sean O’Malley spoke once again on UFC fighter pay during his podcast ‘The Timbo Sugar Show’.

O’Malley, who has a huge following on social media, believes fighters should be better compensated for actively promoting themselves on social media.

Commenting on YouTube ‘Suga’ shared his thoughts on Dana White and UFC fighter pay saying:

Dana is the f**king man dude. Literally he’s the best boss. He’s the f**king man.

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It’s a good question, I get asked it a lot. I learned to not say anything negative about it. This will probably get click-baited, ‘Sean doesn’t think the UFC pays him’ or some s**t’ but like a lot of the times, yeah. I’m in a different position where I have two fights left in my contract. The contract I’m on right now, I get paid decent, but in two fights, Dana went on record and said, ‘Hey, we need to f***ing pay him’ which is rare because Dana never says that. So I think I’m going to get a good contract after these two fights.”

Sean O’Malley continued speaking about incentives, such as pay-per-view points for fighters who promote themselves:

“That’s why I argue that I should be getting f***ing paid more. Because dude, I mean realistically, whoever I’m fighting next, I don’t have to sell that fight because I’m not gonna get paid any more if five people watch it or a million people watch it.

There should be incentives there… You do if you’re in the main event and you get pay-per-view points. Like Izzy (Israel Adesanya) will probably get pay-per-view points because he’s the champ. Robert Whittaker probably won’t because he’s fighting for the belt. But like even in my position, I should be able to get pay-per-view points as I can sell the fight.”

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O’Malley (15-1 MMA) last fought at UFC 269, in December 2021, where he defeated Raulian Paiva (21-4 MMA) by way of a knockout in the first round.

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