Rashad Evans reveals the brutal mistake he made during one of his previous weight cuts: “I was crying”

By Harry Kettle - November 17, 2022

UFC legend Rashad Evans has spoken about the big mistake he made when cutting weight for one of his fights.

Rashad Evans

The process of weight cutting in mixed martial arts is, more often than not, awful. It’s strenuous, it impacts the body, and it can have long-term effects.

Alas, the best of the best have been doing it for years, and that includes Rashad Evans.

The former UFC champion returned to the cage earlier this year with Eagle FC but for the most part, he’s made the transition over into the world of punditry.

In his prime fighting days, though, he was one of the very best at 205 pounds.

He worked incredibly hard to gain such a reputation and during a recent interview, he opened up on how badly he messed up one of his previous weight cuts.

“You know what happened to me one time? I was cutting weight and I thought I did an amazing job. I was cutting early, I was gonna be nice and done early, right? So I finished before Keith Jardine did, we were fighting on the same card, and Greg was like ‘listen, go hang out in the room and just relax until we get back’. I was like nah, I’ll wait for you guys on here, I’ll be a team player. He said okay cool, just don’t jump in the pool. I was like why, he said don’t jump in the pool you’ll gain the weight back.

Evans messes up

“I’m like nah, no way. So, lo and behold, I didn’t believe him, I jumped in the pool, I gained a pound and a half, bro. Your body just sucks it up. It was hard [to get rid of it again], I was crying. I was in the room crying, Greg was like see, I told you!”

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