Michael Chandler calls for Tony Ferguson fight as co-main to McGregor-Poirier

Tony Ferguson, Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler is looking to fight Tony Ferguson in 2021.

Chandler and Ferguson were first linked to a fight back at UFC 254. However, the former Bellator champ accused “El Cucuy” of turning him down. Ferguson then called for the fight to take place at UFC 256 which Chandler says will not happen. Instead, he believes it should happen as the co-main event to Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

“There is a 0% chance I’ll fight Tony Ferguson in December,” Chandler told ESPN. “And I 100% know he knew that, because the UFC already told him that, and I’ve already said I’ll see him in January.

“Now that we have Conor [McGregor] fighting Dustin [Poirier] — it looks like that fight will get booked on Jan. 23 — they need a co-main event. Why wouldn’t it be Chandler vs. Ferguson?”

Why Michael Chandler wants to fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 257 is due to the fact he wants a full camp. He also knows it would be a massive opportunity to fight under the McGregor-Poirier rematch.

“The UFC didn’t offer me the fight in December, because they know I’m on a timeline now,” Chandler said. “I just made weight in October. Everybody knows I’m an active fighter and I’m constantly training, but I needed just four weeks off. Essentially, Tony is campaigning for us to fight in 3.5 weeks.

“Tony, you had the opportunity to fight me in October and you said no. You didn’t even bring up fighting in December until it was way past the 11th hour. Let’s be realistic and sign up for Jan. 23,” he continued. “If you think you still have what it takes to fight for a title, fight me on Jan. 23. Why not take that opportunity, instead of muddying the water with this silly stuff?”

Having Chandler and Ferguson fight on the card certainly makes sense especially if something happens to McGregor or Poirier one of them can slide into the main event.

Would you like to see Michael Chandler fight Tony Ferguson as the co-main to McGregor-Poirier?

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