Michael Bisping rips fan for suggesting he lost his fight with Anderson Silva

Michael Bisping, Jon Jones

Michael Bisping had some choice words for a fan who suggested he lost his 2016 fight with Anderson Silva.

Silva has been a hot topic as of recent after Conor McGregor ranked him the No. 1 GOAT on Twitter.

Bisping got the opportunity to face off against the middleweight at UFC Fight Night London in 2016. He won the bout by unanimous decision but Silva thought he won their fight after dropping Bisping with a crushing flying knee at the end of the third round. Silva walked off to celebrate. Much to his dismay, referee Herb Dean decided not to put an end to the action and informed the Brazilian that the action would continue.

“The Count” then managed to bounce back from this near finish, despite a major gash on his face. It was enough to secure the decision victory and the Fight Of The Night bonus.

The topic of this controversial fight is evidently still a but of a sore spot for Bisping, who called out a fan who claimed that Silva should have won.

“Please… we like you, but you know that you lost that fight in that Flying Knee,” a fan wrote to Bisping on Twitter.

“Incorrect f*ckface,” responded Bisping. “Dropped me as the bell sounded, was down but not out, then I got up and won the next round so, you’re factually incorrect in everything you just typed. Anyway, jog on.”

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