Max Holloway roasts Dillon Danis for calling Conor McGregor the lineal featherweight champ

Max Holloway, UFC 240
Image: Max Holloway on Instagram

Max Holloway has a message for Dillon Danis.

On Thursday, Danis took to Twitter to remind the world that his training partner Conor McGregor is still the lineal UFC featherweight champion. While it’s true that McGregor was never defeated to lose the featherweight title, and was instead stripped for inactivity, this claim did not go over especially well with fans.

Holloway, who is also a former UFC featherweight champion, certainly didn’t seem to agree with it.

“people forget that @TheNotoriousMMA is the lineal featherweight UFC world champion,” Danis wrote on Twitter.

“Preach,” Holloway responded. “ppl also forget you are Marcelo’s lineage. Because you’re not anymore. That’s how life works my bratha. It moves on. Chin up (Kendrick Lamar voice) we gone be alright!”

Max Holloway is referencing Danis’ highly-publicized split with his former coach Marcelo Garcia. In 2017, Danis was indefinitely suspended from Garcia’s team.

“I realize people was focused just on social media, was focused on other stuff that everyone is aware about ‚ fame, stuff like that. And that really forced me to take a decision,” Garcia said of his decision to suspend Danis.

Holloway likely knew that this is a sensitive topic for Danis.

“I feel like he abandoned me a little bit,” Danis said on the MMA Hour in 2017, discuss his split with Garcia. “You can’t just do that. There’s a lot of riffs in the road and at the end of the day I wanted someone to have my back no matter what. It kind hurt to see that he didn’t. I was never disloyal to him. I never did anything bad to him. He just didn’t like me on social media.”

What do you think of this comment from Max Holloway? How do you think Danis will respond?

This article first appeared on on 3/6/2020.   

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