Mark Hunt thinks that a union would bring legitimacy to MMA

Mark Hunt, UFC Adelaide
Mark Hunt

This Saturday night at UFC Adelaide, the legendary ‘Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt will make his final walk to the Octagon when he faces Justin Willis.

The 44-year old Hunt isn’t calling it a career just yet though, he’s just planning to fight out of his UFC contract.

Never afraid to speak his mind, Hunt has been one to always speak out against fighters that take short cuts. Because of that, he believes a union is definitely a step in the right direction for the sport as he toldĀ Kumite Radio.

“I think there’s a lot of fighters but they’re not real fighters. I mentioned a few years ago to a lot of fighters about starting a union and sticking together but what I got from them is, ‘I got mortgages and sh*t,’ Motherf*cker who doesn’t got a mortgage? I just think they’re scared. They’re not really living their whole life.

It would be good one day if all the fighters get together and make a union and unionize like all the other sports. All I see at the top end is illegitimacy. Just f*cking cheaters making money and like I said many times, it pays to cheat nowadays. The punishments aren’t being enforced, they just say, ‘Ah, I don’t give a f*ck, I just made a couple million dollars, see ya later!'”

When Mark Hunt steps into the Octagon to face Justin Willis, it will be his 18th time doing so and he’ll plan on snapping a two-fight losing streak in the process.

There wouldn’t be much better of a send off for Hunt than to score that last walk off UFC knockout in front of his fellow Aussies.

Will Hunt get the proper send off? Or will ‘Big Pretty’ spoil it for the Super Samoan?


This article first appeared on on 11/28/2018

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