Khama Worthy says Ottman Azaitar had steroids in his bag on Fight Island: “He and his brother are like buddy-buddy up in the sauna sticking needles in their butts”

By Adam Martin - March 18, 2021

UFC lightweight Khama Worthy says Ottman Azaitar had steroids in his bag on Fight Island and accused him and brother Abu Azaitar of juicing.

Khama Worthy

There was a bizarre incident on Fight Island in January right before UFC 257, where Azaitar allegedly cut off his wristband and gave them to someone outside the bubble. This person apparently got into the fighter hotel and dropped off a bag before being caught by UFC security. Afterward, UFC president Dana White released Azaitar from the promotion for violating COVID-19 protocols, though the fighter was reinstated to the organization a month later. Per Azaitar’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, there were potatoes in the bag.

Not everyone is buying the potato excuse, especially one of Azaitar’s former opponents in Khama Worthy. The two met last September at UFC Fight Night: Waterson vs. Hill and Azaitar scored a first-round KO win. Speaking to MMA journalist James Lynch, Worthy said that Ottman Azaitar and his brother Abu are both steroid users and he’s convinced that it was performance-enhancing drugs that were inside the bag on Fight Island, not potatoes.

“Steroids. I don’t give a f*ck. I didn’t say anything at first, but you don’t pay or sneak people in to bring you f*cking potatoes, dude. But people are like, ‘Oh the UFC doesn’t let people fight with steroids.’ Yes, we do. Mad people get caught with steroids all the time in the UFC and they get forgiven and this and that. It is what it is. it doesn’t really affect me, but I kind of lose the integrity. Like when I lost, I took my loss like a man, I gave him his respect. But now I know he’s fucking juicing. His brother just got caught juicing. He just came off his suspension. He and his brother are like buddy-buddy up in the sauna sticking needles in their butts. But again, it doesn’t have anything to do with me. It is what it is,” Worthy said.

“He beat me fair and square, but he was juicing. So you get someone to scale some building with some Mission Impossible 5 sh*t to bring you in potatoes. Either you’re my man from the Muppet Babies who love their potatoes, or there’s something inside the potatoes. But again, I got bigger and better things to worry about. But it just shows what kind of a person he and his team is. I mean, obviously the simple fact his brother got caught, that all adds up. And then you’re like oh, he was bringing in potatoes? Nah, man. As for our fight, me and his fight, the way the outcome happened is simply because I made a mistake and he capitalized on a mistake. But him doing whatever the hell he was doing, this special sh*t that he’s doing, it could have amplified him. I don’t know what he was doing yo. There are all kinds of different ways guys do all kinds of things, they rub it on, they stick it in the day of, it makes them fast, I don’t know what he was going. But I know for sure there were not f*cking potatoes in that bag. And I’m going to ask him because his brother is going to be there. I’m like bro potatoes? I might get kicked out of the UFC before my next fight because I’m going to start some shit. I might never make it to my fight. Potatoes dude? He’s got a good manager.”

Do you agree with Khama Worthy about what was in Ottman Azaitar’s bag on Fight Island?


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