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Jorge Masvidal weighs in on a possible Poirier vs. Covington fight: “Colby will call the cops cause history always repeats itself”

Jorge Masvidal has weighed in on a potential fight between Dustin Poirier and Colby Covington.

For over a year now, Poirier and Covington have taken shots at one another and ‘The Diamond’ event said it was “on sight” when they saw each other next. However, nothing has happened as of yet and if Covington defeats Kamaru Usman at UFC 268 he says he wants his next fight to be against Poirier.

“The only fight to make is me and Dustin ‘The Soyboy Soirier.’ That’s the only fight to make…  I’m going to expose him. He said it was on sight, I thought it was on sight,” Covington said to Submission Radio about Poirier. “Why is he quiet now? Because he knows I’m coming for him and he knows he’s not a man of his word. He talked all this s**t to the media that ‘oh it’s on sight when I see Colby,’ I’ve seen him 50 times since then and he walked right away. He put his eye down and walked right past me like the good little bi*tch that he is.”

Shortly after Covington’s comments began to make the rounds, Jorge Masvidal shared his own thoughts on how a fight would go. Of course, Masvidal is Covington’s former roommate and trains with Poirier and he claims “Chaos” called the cops on “The Diamond” before.

“For those that don’t know cause I’ve been there and done that with both of them. Colby will call the cops cause history always repeats itself #supernecessary,” Masvidal tweeted about Covington vs. Poirier.

It’s uncertain if Covington ever did call the cops on Poirier as this is the first time Masvidal has said this. But, even with the rivalry, at this time, it appears the fight won’t happen as both men are set to fight for UFC gold in their respective divisions. But, perhaps if they are both victorious a future champ-champ fight could happen.

What do you make of these comments from Jorge Masvidal?

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