John McCarthy trashes “complete dumbass” Texas MMA judge for controversial scorecard in Bobby Green fight: “Go back to class… and get the f*ck off Twitter”

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Veteran MMA official John McCarthy trashed Texas MMA judge JJ Ferraro for his scoring in the Bobby Green vs. Rafael Fiziev fight at UFC 265.

Although most observers saw the fight as a clear 29-28 victory for Fiziev, with him winning the first two rounds and then Green taking the third, Ferraro scored the bout 30-27 in Fiziev’s favor. The scorecard was controversial, and the judge even took the step of going to social media and explaining why he scored the fight that way. McCarthy, however, isn’t buying his explanation. Speaking on the “Weighing In” Podcast, McCarthy absolutely took judge Ferraro to school, calling him a “complete dumbass” for his scorecard and saying he needs to re-learn the scoring criteria in mixed martial arts before he judges again.

“Bobby Green fought Rafael Fiziev, and we all agreed on what the outcome was. I thought Fiziez won the fight, it should have been 29-28. One of the judges went 30-27. That judge has decided that he wants to take on Jon Anik and Kenny Florian. And I just want to tell that judge, you’re a dipsh*t, dude. You’re a complete dumbass and you are screwing yourself over. What you said when you put out your first tweet that I wasn’t going to talk about — but now I’m going to — you were wrong. You weren’t even using the criteria the right way,” John McCarthy said.

“You actually said that in the third round that Bobby Green may have had more volume but Rafael Fiziev might have had the better strikes overall. Bullsh*t. You’re the only dumbass that thinks that. So what you need to figure out is that your humility needs to take some precedence in this. And when everybody except you says Bobby Green won that round, what will make you a better judge is to go back, watch the fight — it’s not just me saying it, it’s everybody — go back and watch that round, you’ll see that the jabs that Green was hitting Fiziev with, and the big difference is Rafael was tired and yes, he was still throwing, but he wasn’t landing with the power that he once was. That changes the round.

“So you sitting there trying to say that the striking was equal so you went to the next criteria, and that was aggression because there was no grappling, and you would be right there, then you said the aggression was equal. Again, you’re being wrong, it wasn’t equal,” continued McCarthy. “Bobby Green was the aggressor in the third round. So he wins that round based upon that if you’re going to go to it. Then you actually said that was even so I went to effective control, ring or cage control, and that’s when you gave it to Rafael Fiziev. Dude, you need to go back to class. What will help you become a better judge is if you’re honest and say, ‘I got that wrong,’ because that will help you improve later on. You then took on Jon Anik and Kenny Florian and told them that they should be ashamed about themselves for what they said about your score in the third round. And you’re wrong, they shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves, because they’re right. And then you said, I’m not Adelaide Bird. Dude, you have absolutely overstepped it. Grow up, learn how to actually be an official in this sport, and get the f*ck off of Twitter.”

Do you agree with John McCarthy that judge JJ Ferraro blew his scorecard in the Bobby Green vs. Rafael Fiziev fight at UFC 265?

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