Jake Paul reveals he fought Tyron Woodley with a hyperextended elbow, says he didn’t ‘have it’ on fight night

Jake Paul
Image Credit: Showtime Boxing's Twitter

Jake Paul says he entered his fight against Tyron Woodley with an injury.

Paul headline a Showtime pay-per-view on Sunday, August 29 in hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and he won a split decision. Many thought the brash YouTuber-turned-boxer would win, and many thought by KO. However, in the lead-up to the fight, Paul said just days before the fight, he hyperextended his elbow.

“There was something to do with my legs and the energy, I felt like drained of energy. Going into the fight, no one even knows this but I hyperextended my elbow like seven days or eight days before the fight in sparring, bad,” Paul said on the Full Send Podcast. “Went into the fight with an injured elbow, was doing therapy the whole week leading up to it. In the third round, I re-hyperextended it and in the fight, you have so much adrenaline you are kind of like I don’t really care, but even this morning I wake up, however many days later it is, I’m like ‘bro this s**t hurts right now.’ Maybe the crowd, too, they were ready.”

Despite the injury, Jake Paul got his hand raised but he says he knows he could’ve done better. Yet, he also says he didn’t have it on fight night for some reason, which could’ve been due to the magnitude of the card and him being back in his hometown.

However, Paul knows he still beat a former UFC champion and he still is only getting started in his career.

“I’m very hard on myself because there is always room for improvement. If I was sitting here being like ‘oh, I did so good, I beat a Hall of Famer,’ I did those things,” Paul said. “He’s a great fighter, and he’s tough, that’s what I really realized in there, he’s a veteran and didn’t want to lose. He was coming in with so much heart, so much power. But, I didn’t do as good as I normally do in sparring sessions. In my other fights, I felt really jumpy, really bouncy, my legs fell good in my other fights. This one, for some reason, where is this extra spunk, I don’t feel it right now, I don’t have it right now.

“I give myself a B-minus maybe. For what I did, this guy has been boxing since I was 12-years-old when I was in seventh grade dwindling my thumbs in science class this guy was winning world championships,” Paul continued. “For me to only be doing this for three years and outbox him for basically every round, I’m proud of that but I know I could’ve done better. There were a lot of things in sparring I didn’t do live.”

When Jake Paul will return to the ring and who it will be against is uncertain.

What do you make of Jake Paul revealing he had an injury ahead of his fight with Tyron Woodley?

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